Casual vs Smart vs Fashionable

Last week my husband and I met with friends for a fine dinner after work. I have always struggled over the years to have a good balance between casual (aka sweat pants and a casual t) and over dressed. Basically for any event, night out or dinner I would always go a little bit OTT. I just can’t help it, I love to use items from my wardrobe and allow them amazing outtings!

Since moving to H-Town I have noticed it’s a lot more relaxed here, I find myself making more of an effort with my dressed down side. This means instead of investing in dresses which is what I usually do. I’ve branched out into more trouser/skirt outfits. Using the hundreds of tops I already have in my closet but rarely wear as well as jackets which seemed to be neglected.

It’s hard sometimes to get the right balance for occasions, you want to look smart and dressed up but without effort. I usually will wear trousers instead of jeans when I’m making more of an effort for evening wear, this is anything from colored trousers to leather look pants (which I love!) paired up with a cute top or jumper with a statement necklace. Heels are another great item along with accessories to pull the outfit from day to night.

photoMy outfit of choice was Sam Eldelman Black Plain pumps, with Zara Leather Look pants, paired with the top that I altered (home-made!) and a pink shirt from TopShop.  As I was going for dinner and drinks I wanted to make it more sophisticated opposed to just wearing normal blue wash jeans which could have looked a bit too casual.


  1. Simply stunning! I really love how the leather pants, pink cardigan and the white top go together, it looks really soft, sophisticated and sweet while still having a casual vibe.

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