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Yes, I have talked about the fact we were in the process (yup the never ending overly complicated process) of buying our dream home (when I say dream home I really truly mean that!) FINALLY the day came for us to pick up the keys! That’s it, it’s over! We finally own it! 

So we trotted round to the house, and wandered round thinking of all the ideas we have spoken about together (or that I have maybe discussed in my head and agreed on internally!) and now it’s time to decorate. So I will go on and describe our dream home’s current state – stained, yellowy tan carpets upstairs in the 4 bedrooms, master bedroom is painted black, the bathrooms are dark red, another room has a dark red feature wall, ALL the ceilings in the entire house are painted a shimmering silver colour (honestly I’m not making this up!) the dining room is painted brown and lastly the living room is a seaside feel with blue on the walls and wooden effect around 2 of the walls..!


We have our work cut out for us!


First step – bring it back to a blank canvas you can expand on. We have hired a painter to start asap and paint it all white (maybe off white) and then we are putting in carpets (nude/tan) in all the bedrooms upstairs (maybe not the blog room it might be spoilt with wooden flooring haven’t decided yet!!!)


Second step – go back to the house to discuss and visualise ideas. Don’t rush into anything… and that includes furniture (yes I’m being as patient as I possibly can!)


Third step – your bedrooms should be centred around the bed you pick – as it’s the biggest feature in the room you should use this for your design ideas.


So let’s start painting and let the next chapter start!! Eeeeek

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