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Let’s talk about exercise for your body AND mind! 

Exercise is for sure the best thing for your mind and body! When I don’t exercise I feel down, I feel self conscious, I feel unhappy with myself and my body, I feel unmotivated and I feel unhappy. 

Whether you are hitting the gym, doing classes, running or walking (I write this before hiking up Staple Hill in St John’s!) this is the B E S T diet pill, vitamin, weight loss and health benefit you will get in life!

I read all the time about MAGIC weight loss pills or shakes and it’s just not possible! It might be a quick fix but what’s the point of that?! I don’t want my body to look good for summer I want it to look A M A Z I N G for the rest of my life! I’m careful about what I eat but I also indulge (that peanut butter ice cream the other night was soooo worth it!) because life is too short! 

If you are feeling down don’t automatically take that quick fix pill – start exercising and enjoy the natural positive endorphins! Feel good about yourself from the outside in! 


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