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MAC is Giving Away FREE Lipstick this Saturday!! 

Hey lovely readers and yes you read that right. This Saturday MAC is giving away whole tubes of  lipsticks for free…and a happy Friday evening! 

So I’m sure you clicked on this because of the title and I won’t disappoint! No strings attached and no purchase necessary. 
Now a couple of my girlfriends tagged me into posts about this so I needed to share but I also needed to find out WHY?!

It just so happens that this Saturday, July 29, is National Lipstick Day! MAC is going to be all over this holiday and because they love us so much, they’re doing this giveaway. When you go into the store you get to pick out one shade of your choice.

Even if you aren’t a lipstick fanatic, MAC might turn you into one. Plus, why not take advantage of this awesome opportunity? 

Lines will be crazy and this is only available while supplies last! So Go early!! 

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