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Leather Skirt Must Have

Yesterday, despite being my most productive day of the year (who said you can’t get sh*t down with kids… it just takes a lot longer!) well it was also a sad day too.

Nearly 5 years ago I went shopping with my girlfriend and picked up this faux leather skirt from Zara… it was a little out there for me and it took me a while to incorporate it into my wardrobe. When I did I ended up buying a beige, khaki and brown one. But this black one I have worn to death. I put it on last weekend and it is beyond worn close up, but considering the uses and price it’s been one of my best purchases.

Everyone needs to have a leather skirt in there collection. Recommending starting off with a black pencil midi. Short makes it hard to wear for work feel like you limit the wear, midi is perfect! I wear it with crop top, tee, sweater, with a shirt and with a tank! It honestly goes with EVERYTHING!

Now, I’ve been looking for replacement and ended up getting one off ASOS $22! And a silk with lace black skirt (might as well try something different!) for $30!

Tell me your favorite wardrobe staple!

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