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How is this phrase coming out of my mouth?
But nowadays we have so much choice when it comes to work out outfits. It actually makes the whole process fun picking outfits. It makes you feel better, more motivated and gives you a bit more passion when it comes to working out and getting all hot & sweaty!

I never could have imagined when my husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday id say Trainers please… the original Adidas three striped ones! I am desperate for a pair of trainers I can wear during the days casually and with gym outfits I can wear to gym, for lunch or yoga!! I have officially changed my mind set! Out with heels that hurt my feet and in with trainers! 

I spend my working days squished into structured dresses and courts, at the weekend I’m always on my feet so I’m going with style AND comfort this season!

I’ve been looking for perfect and reasonably priced clothing and never realized Victoria Secrets have a line of yoga gear too impressed!! Literally want every piece (hope my husband is reading this!) Please check link!


And Stella McCartney’s Adidas line is impressive just very very expensive!

My husband and I spent last night making up my personalized trainers which I’m in love with always wanted a pair of Adidas sneakers!!


But please don’t think of it like sports clothing, I found the most amazing pair of causal trainers by Coach – I’ve added picture below. As soon as I saw them it was love at first sight, not only that but they were in the sale! Most of my casual clothing is black’s, khaki colours, mustards, therefore these are a perfect addition to my wardrobe, thinking clever ladies! These items need to be wearable.

Where do you lovely ladies buy your gym clothing? Are you happy to wear out for lunch/dinner’s after? Looking forward to your comments!

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