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L’Oreal Age Perfect Extraordinary Oil

Review L’Oreal Age Perfect Extraordinary Oil


In the past, I’ve save intensive, hydrating facial oils for those times when I feel my skin really needs it – ie in the winter in Scotland, change of seasons or when it needs a radiance boost – after every weekend! I have a new found love for facial oils ever since I worked with the Body Shop and got to experiment with their products.

Just recently though, I’ve taken to using them more on a daily basis – first thing in the morning below my tinted moisturizer and last thing at night when I’ve cleaned my face. I’m often reaching for the oil instead of a day or night cream.

This last couple of months I’ve been trying one of the newest oils on the black, L’Oreal Paris’ Age Perfect Extraordinary Facial Oils – retail around $40.

It’s definitely a change from the traditional face oils I’m used to. It immediately feels different in that it’s less, well, oily. So if this is one of the reason that you’re reluctant to try an oil, especially for daytime, this is the key!

It has lighter, sheerer feel, spreads super-easily over the face and neck, too and you can apply your make-up right on top.

It has a lovely, delicate scent too – the blend contains 8 essential oils including lavender, orange peel and roman chamomile – which really adds to the whole indulgent, feel-good aspect of using an oil.

I do still SO love the feel and experience of applying a traditional face oil and I know I’ll always go back to them. But, that said, they’re not for everyone and it’s great to have an alternative which you can also quickly and easily use in the morning before your make-up.

Radiance-boosting tip: to make the most of any facial oil, spend a few extra moments giving yourself a mini-facial massage as you apply it. Not only does this turn a basic skincare step into a lovely, relaxing ritual, but it will help your skin look and feel.

Has anyone tried this oil before? What did you think of it?


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