a Scottish girl living the American dream. Fashion, beautiful and everything fabulous to me!

I know you guys know how much I absolutely love beauty tips and learning new wondrous ways of applying make-up,  new products and new trends. My passion is every growing and I’m not a greedy person therefore would love to share these nuggets of gold with you all!

Magic Highlighter Three Pointer


Mastering highlighter placement can be tough, but the trick I have will make it simpler. Work highlighter into your skin where the light naturally hits your face, which happens to be in the shape of the numeral three. Start at the center of your forehead and come in toward the outer tip of your nose. End it right in the middle of your chin, and then repeat on the other side. The effects are staggering and being used across the catwalks.

Using Lipstick on Cheeks for a Flush Effect


 Create a romantic, natural-looking snow blush flush by blending two lipsticks onto your cheeks. Business cards may have another use this season! Use them as a quick guide while applying a lightning strike to your cheekbones with highlighting pigment. This can also be used with blush or contouring. Just make sure you blend it!

 Apply Foundation to Lips for a Good Base

lips foundation

 Love the no-makeup makeup look, as seen at the Chloé show it’s all about being natural and looking natural! Always blend a little foundation over your lips as well; it’ll blot out any redness or discoloration and help you create a truly seamless canvas.


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