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No I’m afraid this article isn’t about hot pants… anyone that thinks it’s sensible to wear hot pants even in H-Town during these colder days are crazy in my eyes! This is about my favorite pair of hot pants I have in my wardrobe that I feel so passionately about that they deserve their very own article!

I’ve only worn these on a number of occasions, however they are very flattering, comfortable to wear, look sleek and very fashionable, especially at this time of year when you don’t want to bare your legs! I bought these for a fraction of their price on eBay. I paired them up with a Black plain crop top, making the trousers the outfits statement piece. Usually I would match with a gold necklace however as per my November Inspiration article I’m all about the Chandelier Earrings!

Tell me about your favorite pants in your wardrobe that make you feel like a million dollars!

Outfit: ASOS Quilted Black Jacket, ASOS Black Plain Crop Top, Charming Charlie Cream with Gold Flakes Snood, Charming Charlie Chandelier Cream Earrings, Warehouse Silk Trousers and to finish off the outfit with open toe Guess Patent Heels.

Make-up: I’ve used Body Shop’s eye brow kit to make my eye brows darker and more defined, finishing off with brow fix. Nude Lip Stick by M.A.C, Highlighter stick by Forever 21, Coral Blush by Body Shop completing the look with Rimmel London Black Mascara.

Hair: I’ve used coconut oil on the ends of my hair after my shower. Blow Dried using hand then section by section blow drying straight, using sleek Pantene BB cream at the ends of my hair to keep it smooth and healthy looking I used GHD‘s to seal the look. Finished with hair spray and creating a bit of oomph.

outfit night out


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  1. coatsandcheesecake Avatar

    The Hot Pants look great! 😀


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