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I wrote a post about 2014 Fall Colors http://wp.me/p5g6XV-2o and I appreciate it’s easy to read an article in a magazine see pictures and think I could easily pull that off… then you look in your wardrobe or account and think hmmm… maybe not!

Today I dragged myself out of bed (after my first Crossfit Sesh yesterday I have to admit I may be a tiny bit sore… can’t believe I need to get up tomorrow at 5am to do it all again! The price to fit in my clothes!) and pulled out the first outfit that came into my head something comfortable, easy to wear (and pull off) and not too fussy.

sam2My pictures are always so clear! One day they will be more professional… bare with me.

Firstly I’m wearing two of the most talked about colors of Fall, Grey and Leopard Print. Told you it was easy to match these colors together and wearable. The Leopard print top is from Topshop and is sheer and might be risky for the working environment, however I am wearing a black crop top under and paired it with Black Mango Cardigan. The Grey trousers are classic fit from Ted Baker.

Finished outfit with Sam Eldelman Leopard Print Horse Hair Pumps, my favorite (well one of no one beats Jimmy Choo in my eyes) highstreet shoe designers. So comfortable, they have cushion feel and look amazing! I’ve had these for a good number of years now and you would never know!

samThis outfit is a good way to show how you can cooperate these colors in every day working life without looking too much or too risqué!

Earrings by Banana Republic, gold and silver studs. No make-up (come on girls ‘dare-to-bare’) and hair natural in side plait.

photo (3)

Enjoy playing around with fall colors!


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