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Nail care is very important, not only for visual reasons but for health as well. Proper nail care can help keep your nails not only looking great but free from fungal infections. Plus they should be considered when pairing up with your outfit choices ladies!


Your nails are considered ‘healthy’ if they are smooth and are uniform in color. Healthy nails do not have ridges, discolorations or cracks. Here are a couple of tips to keep your nails looking and feeling healthy!


  • Remove all of your polish, if you have any from a previous manicure before you begin. I use 100% pure acetone, which isn’t the greatest for your nails, so that’s why the proper nail care routine helps out and keeps my nails from becoming brittle and cracking. If you do not paint your nails as often as I do, I highly recommend using a non acetone polish remover.
  • Trim your nails, I try to do this once a week. I love a square nail, so I use a Tweezerman nail clipper with a straight edge, to give me the square look before I even file. If your nails are hard (toes or fingers) you can soak them in warm water with a teaspoon of salt to soften them before cutting. If you are prone to breaks or cracks when trimming, I would moisturize your nails first which will help prevent any breakage while you’re trimming.
  • After the nails have been trimmed, this is where I would suggest filing any jagged edges and uneven lines to give yourself a uniform look.
  • I take a nail buffer, it’s a small object rectangular in shape with four sides to it, each with their own step. 1. Nail File, 2. Remove Ridges, 3. Buff & Smooth, and 4. Polish & Shine.
  • Wash your hands in luke warm water and a gentle hand soap. Use a nail brush to remove any dirt that has built up underneath your nail.
  • MOISTURIZE!! Moisturizing your nails is very important, especially after washing your hands. You should always be in the habit of using a hand moisturizer after your wash your hands and rub some onto your nails. I usually keep hand lotion at my desk at work. Healthy nails require moisture, I moisturize through out the day with a cuticle cream and nail strengthener, plus my regular hand lotion. I swear by Body Shop Almond Hand & Nail butter plus cuticle oil.
  • **Hot Tip** Pour some white vinegar onto a cotton ball and wipe down your nails, this will remove any oils or dirt that may be left over and will get you ready for polish. I use this before applying any polish to my fingernails.
  • **Tip** Protein! I always use a protein treatment and apply it my nails before using any polish, to help keep my nails strong underneath the polish. If your nails are mostly healthy you can skip this step and go straight for your polish.


  • **Hot Tip** Dip your nails in concentrated fresh lemon juice, this will help bring them back to whiteness after any discoloration (cough cough fake tan)
I also take a lot of vitamins daily, I take Vitamin C, Calcium (great for strong nails) women’s mixed vitamins, Hair Skin & Nails supplements and Cod Liver Oil.

How to do a French Manicure (Please don’t think this just needs to be white & rose colors, experiment and have fun!)

Step 1: Apply a base coat and let dry. It’s important that it is completely dry before you proceed.
Step 2: Apply either blue painter’s tape or paper reinforcements to your nail.
Step 3: Paint a neon color on the tip, or whatever color you would like to use. Use 2 light coats for coverage. Thick coats are not advisable because it leaves a ridge
Step 4: Remove tape or reinforcement AFTER the polish has dried.
Step 5: Apply a clear coat and enjoy!


Paper Hole Protectors cost only $1.39 from local store. Top Tip!

My favorite colors this festive season are Red and Gold’s! I absolutely swear by OPI Nail Colors (Golden Eye) or Revlon.



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