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We all have that little black dress, but have y’all got your Little Black Sexy Dress ready for every opportunity? There is nothing more beautiful or flattering than your LBD and man you feel so good in that dress every time! I love color and I love wearing different bright colors throughout my outfits, but I noticed when picking my weekly ASOS finds I’m verging on Black dresses. They are just so easy! You can dress them up dress them down using heels, make-up accessories.

Therefore, here are a couple of my LBSD Picks This Week! Enjoy and let me know your thoughts on what you would pair them with. I’m a bag fan of River Islands Fall Collection, they play a big part on my weekly picks!


River Island Sheer Panel Body Dress $67


River Island Halter Neck Body Dress $114


Warehouse Mesh Insert Body-Con Dress $86


ASOS Peekaboo Mesh Insert Dress $75


3 responses to “LBSD Edition”

  1. carascliche Avatar

    That River Island pick is perfection!

    xx Cara


    1. francenejoy Avatar

      Thanks i think it will need to be an early christmas present to myself 😉


  2. itsallaboutsonia Avatar

    river island one is great gonna get that


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