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It all began years ago when I was younger that I feel in love with heels, maybe Carrie Bradshaw and her passion for shoes had an affect on me that I kept with me all this time! It’s only been the last couple of years that I have let my fascination for fashion take over my life, this has meant my wardrobe has grown significantly, I’ve gained more expensive taste over the years, and unfortunately my pay hasn’t increased to the extent I need it too – ie to buy a quilted Chanel bag..!

I remember going to Capri with my parents, moons ago. If anyone has been there before they will know the highstreet is dripping with huge names, Dior, Chanel, YSL dare I go on. I walked into Prada with my mum and picked up the most beautiful pair of tartan fabric heels – it was then that I knew my life would never be the same again, I would always lust over shoes!

Since then I have built a lovely collection of heels, which I keep adding too (just not as much as I used too – my husband has helped a lot!) I have my heels I wear for work, my black classics, my ankle boots (I’m not a boot person at all…therefore you won’t catch me wearing knee high boots I’m afraid) and my limited edition collection – I call it limited edition because to me they mean everything. I can tell you every significant moment or night or occasion each heel has ventured out too. My first pair of designer heels, green sequined dolce and gabbana, blessed my collection back at the start of 2011. They never blessed my feet under December 2011 when my now husband asked me to marry him… all my heels have wonderful stories! I just wanted to show you a couple of ‘must have’ heels in my closet.

imagesWO1ARLS9 untitled2 Jimmy Choos

My love for Jimmy Choos have grown over the years – hence Choos and Fashion Doos name! I love the way they make you feel like a princess, they fit perfectly. You can put on as much weight or lose as possible but your feet will remain the same. They never let me down and always make me feel like a million dollars! I bought one of these heels in Paris when I went with my husband. I had my eye on them for years! The silver pair my husband bought me for my birthday. I couldn’t decide what to wear on my wedding day, as to me it was all about the heels opposed to the dress.. I decided to go with Benjamin Adam’s instead – how can you pick between the above?!

untitled3 untitled6every girl needs a bit of pink in their lives! I love having items outside the norm, ones that are statement pieces. People might organize their outfits around their dresses or skirts or pants but I work around my heels. I LOVE Sam Eldelman. The heels are always comfortable, different, pushing the boundaries. Love these heels with studs. The Jimmy Choo patent pink ones are one of my favorite pairs, I bought these in Harvey Nichols in Edinburgh when we went away with family for the weekend. I am dying for a pair in Orange.

untitled4These are limited Edition Kurt Geiger Neon heels, I have these in yellow. They are gorgeous, works beautifully with a slick black dress or pencil skirt combo.

imagesYL8Y3CEUWe all need a little bit of Leopard print in our lives, you just have to embrace it! This Fall is all about leopard print, you can see Victoria Beckham adding this to her collection with her clutches and totes. These are by Dolce and Gabbana and have enjoyed a number of great occasions spent with amazing friends. I also have another 2 pairs of Leopard print heels, one using real fur, the other a more brighter color of leopard print.

missguided My newest addition to the clan, these aren’t designer but highstreet by Missguided. They look like the ones Carrie Wore in Sex and the City. cannot wait to wear these!

untitled MY DREAM HEELS. Yes there is a SATC theme here. These are like my fairy tale heels, I want them but I don’t think I could ever wear them but have them on display. To me heels are like art. ‘Something Blue’ I tried these on in New York and was so close to purchase until I realized they were missing a stone and typically they only had one size 40 pair… it clearly wasn’t meant to be. it’s good to have a dream though…!!

Tell me about your favorite pair and why?


2 responses to “My First Love…”

  1. V Avatar

    So many gorgeous shoes!


    1. francenejoy Avatar

      I do love my heels!!


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