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Ironic some may say that this article is coming from me… and you’d be right. Over the years my hangovers have got worse and worse. All it takes is a couple of fine cocktails or glasses of prosecco and a) I’m as drunk as a skunk b) I’m sick every 5 minutes from 6am until 7pm c) I look as bad as I feel. Therefore, I made a pact with myself, unless I’m on hollibobs I wouldn’t drink more than once a week. I love my body too much and I hate the feeling of a wasted day and seeing the bottom of the toilet bowl that personal and up close. It’s just not ideal.

Well I’ve tried to put together a little survival guide on how to feel better and look better during these holidays. Please note the main way of doing it is to just NOT DRINK!

Firstly, drink a glass of water or juice between drinks. We all know alcoholic drinks make you more dehydrated and this is what causes the headaches.

I always try and have a cup of tea and ibuprofen when I get home before I go to bed.. I feel like it’s helping the hangover early..! Sometimes this works!

Always have supplies in your cupboards, nothing worse waking up with  nothing to eat or drink and feeling terrible plus you are properly still over the speed limit. In the UK Lucozade saves me, in the states it’s down to regular cold coke which has been in the freezer for 20 minutes, just before slushing! Have toast with peanut butter, works wonders!

Now how to look better than you feel…

we all know that horrible taste in your mouth in the morning after a heavy night, and I know the smell of alcohol seeps through your skin – this you can smell when you leave your room and then walk back in.. not hot. Brush your teeth and tongue and get some mouth wash. Regarding your skin spray your entire body with an aerosol deodorant to help absorb and neutralize the booze sweat!

Apply on a face mask with has been in the fridge so it’s nice and cold. Then wash your face with cold water which will bring the swelling down on your face. Apply eye gel which again has been in the fridge applying it in circular motion around your eyes. Then Vitamin C serum will work wonders and bring out the skin’s radiance.

We all know how amazing Dry Shampoo is and how it has helped us out on many occasions where you just didn’t have time to wash your hair. In this situation after a night out I would shower. You need to feel clean, not just using a cover up. It won’t make you feel any better.

And Lastly go for a walk and enjoy the fresh air, this is the good thing about having dogs you have to take them out. as much as you’ll dread it you’ll feel better afterwards.

Another top tip to help, your eyes won’t look good and unfortunately in winter you can’t get away with wearing sun glasses therefore wear a bright lipstick not only will it freshen up your skin but will draw attention away from your eyes.


Enjoy the holidays and hope my tips have helped!


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  1. Helen Le Avatar
    Helen Le

    This will definitely be helpful when I’m at the legal age to drink! 😀

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