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A couple of weeks ago before all the festivities my husband saw an advert for a ‘sneaker convention’. With my new found love of trainers this last year (gold converses, gold originals and my amazing coach pumps) I decided this was a great opportunity for me to show off my cool new casual side. I did debate wearing a pair of heels before I saw my husbands face.. he really didn’t find it funny!

So we turned up, and to my amazement I never realized how many a) limited editions b) different types c) how bloody expensive some are d) how happy my husband was! So much so we managed to haggle a bargain for him – I have my fashion uses sometimes. Despite having my eye on a leopard print pair I left empty handed, but it was nice to do something different in H-Town. We also walked around Downtown area, enjoying the sunshine next to the ice-rink and diversity of the stalls… LOVE living here.

Anyways, the most important part of this waffling article is my outfit. It’s the first time my husband high fived my ‘casual’ taste…. I’m either totally over dressed or in my sweat pants.. I’m trying to make a casual effort.

DSC00287So my top is khaki (my go-to colour) by MissGuided. Jeans are by Armani (most easy to wear jeans I’ve ever owned) trainers are by Coach, the black bag was an eBay bargain brand new by Miu Miu and lastly the white snug is from Charming Charlie

DSC00289 My chandelier ear rings are from Charming Charlie also. As you can see my make-up is minimal with a little bronzer to give my skin colour. I have gone dark for winter – especially with the fact I headed home to Aberdeen for Christmas.


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