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squatAt the start of every year we all make fitness/health resolutions we usually fail to stick after promising ourselves after as little as two weeks. I know myself, I’ve said I will no longer eat fast food, as I’m stuffing pizza in my face, or I will go to the gym every day for a month, as I walk the dogs and pretend it counts the same or sober January… which we all know the 1st of Feb roles around and we binge on drink and waste all of our 4 weeks efforts.

I for one decided at the end of 2014 to get into a beautiful healthy routine where I wasn’t punishing myself if I wanted a Reeces buttercup, or if I missed my Crossfit class or I had a glass of wine, but instead I am now sticking to a healthy balance of enjoying my work-outs, actually looking forward to them, eating healthily but making it more enjoyable like making my own protein bars – which I feel I’ve now perfected my recipe.. this will be put out tomorrow for you all to enjoy. Don’t get me wrong, Instead of drinking alcohol once a week, I’m cutting this down to once every two weeks and a couple of glasses of Prosecco, we had pizza last night but instead of indulging I’m just having two slices opposed to 4! Where me and my husband fall down is rushing straight to the Rockets games after work without any time for dinner and as the games last from 7pm until before 10pm it’s too easy to indulge in the nachos, hotdogs and Pepsi there… we have made a pact we will always have something ready to snack on before the game. It does help if you have someone there to help and support you. I would much rather have a lovely dinner out and that’s my cheat day opposed to eating fast food and not enjoying it.

DSC00472 DSC00473 DSC00474 DSC00475 DSC00478 DSC00480

I guess it’s all about thinking smartly but enjoying it along the way. I know myself, I love a competition and I love having an aim to work towards. Therefore, I’ve decided this is ‘SWAT ME JANUARY’ since the 1st of January I started off doing 50 squats and adding 10 on each day (every 4th day is a rest day) this is until the end of January. Then I will start a different challenge in February to keep me focused and working different parts of my body. Please note this is on top of my normal work outs.

Fancy joining me with this challenge? Squats will soon be your best friend, especially once you see your perfected ass after!!

Think Smart, Think Healthy But ENJOY!


One response to “Squat Me January”

  1. Valerie Avatar

    I love this idea! Breaking it down to monthly goals makes it easier to attain! And, I’ll be squatting along with you this week as my Crossfit gym has come up with it’s own challenge for January. This week we have to do 50 squats a day…although I bumped it up to 100 per day. Next week it’s 50 burpees per day…not looking forward to THAT!

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