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One more month until the highly anticipated movie 50 Shades of Grey hits the big screen. In true fashion tradition & never a company to miss out on a sophisticated fashion mash up I present to you OPI’s line of limited edition collection—there will be five and one red—obviously there was never going to be 50 shades!


My Silk Tie, a pearly silver; Romantically Involved, the one crimson shade inspired by the “red room of pain”; Dark Side of the Mood, a dark slate; Shine for Me, a shimmering blue-silver; Cement the Deal, a light stone hue; Embrace the Gray, a soft taupe-y shade.

They’ll be available in January, ahead of the movie’s launch in February, and you’ll be able to pick them up for $9.50 each on the high street or at http://www.opi.com

What will be your chosen color? I’m definitely more attracted to red this year!


2 responses to “50 Shades of Grey… Nail Polish?!”

  1. inspiredelegance Avatar

    This is so cool! Didn’t know they were releasing these. I will have to get one! Love your blog post x

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  2. Helen Le Avatar
    Helen Le

    I really like My Silk Tie!

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