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Blue is very on trend at the moment – hope you enjoyed my post the other day. Fendi’s beautiful new pop of colour spring/summer 2015 collection – the black/blue is a gorgeous mix very sophisticated and glamour. But how can we add blue into our make-up? I barely stray away from browns or black smokey eyes.


Start off with a good base. I love L’Oreal make-up primer, followed by Body Shop Vitamin E BB Cream, Forever 21 highlighting cream and filling in my eye brows with bodyshops eye brow kit.


Now the fun park – I used Coral Blusher to tie in with using blue. Coral blusher by bodyshop and bodyshop bronzer. Lines my eyes with L’Oreal electric blue liner.


More blue liner added, golden/brown shimmer, and black liner to make them pop more.

This is just an idea – not as dark or bright therefore if you are like me and; not used to this it’s a good way to break you in.

Enjoy experimenting!!



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