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My Red Glasses – Valentines Day Article

Well after tonight Jan 2015 will be over – I for one couldn’t be happier. I always struggle with Jan so many expectations for the year desperate for it to start well.

We will be into the month of Love. In Feb I moved back home to Aberdeen in 2011 and fell in love with the greatest man on earth (aswell as my dad of course!!) on Valentines Day 2011 my man asked me to go steady with him. In 2012 he bought me a Ruby eternity ring. In 2013 he gave me Nude Jimmy Choos. In 2014 he gave me Pearl earrings to wear on our wedding day.

This year I’m looking forward to celebrating our 1 year wedding anniversary & new life in America.

Here is my Valentines Day Article – date night options!!

What will you be doing & wearing for Valentines Day?



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