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On Friday last week I had another ‘me’ night, I dropped my husband off in mid-town and while driving home I noticed Macy’s was still open… when in Rome.. I had time and money on my hands! I wondered about day dreaming for about an hour. Looking at different designs, fabrics, shapes and colours. I picked up around 12 dresses/skirts that were out of my comfort zone and starred into the mirror to see if I could get away with them! Turns out – I couldn’t but it was interesting for me. I’m always curious of trends and taking them into my everyday life. As expressed in the past I’m a lot more casual than I used to be, however I do make that extra effort when we go on nights out. But I do find myself never wearing make-up unless I have too, not sure how much my husband likes it.. he says he does… should I be making more of an effort?

I watched shoppers look beautiful and elegant and I sometimes think that I’m always going to be that curly-haired-messy-gal! My hubby took me to Galleria the other night for a little treat… more details to follow. While in those shops I looked around at the assistants and asked Arran if I could ever have a job like that where every day I would look flawless…the thought of that makes me feel tired!

I made a pact with myself this year to do more with my face and make-up and we’re into February and I’m slipping more into ‘does my skin really need that bronzer, can I get away with just clear mascara and plaiting my hair?!’

This post is about asking YOU for advice! If your partnered up, married or single do you think you made an effort daily or is there more you could do? Or do you use make-up as your mask for everyday life?

My mission for the rest of the week will be to change up my outfits, look beautiful and do something different to my hair!

Mission Accepted



One response to “Glamorous 24/7”

  1. strawberrysyndicatefashion Avatar

    Hey girl.
    Love this post . The truth is I often have a little make up on my face, not too much but just enough if you know what I mean. I feel like every woman should do whatever feels comfortable for themselves.
    I’m single and have no kids so I can’t tell every woman to steal 10 minutes every morning to make up their face, but I do feel like you should have a small stash of good make up and tools and a small skill set to doll up for special occasions.

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