a Scottish girl living the American dream. Fashion, beautiful and everything fabulous to me!

I’ve waited a whole year for the gorgeous array of outfits from my favorite event & I had a splitting headache/tired from the weekend. Sadly I departed to bed early and missed the show – but I certainly didn’t miss the outfits!

A whole day has passed and my feelings have changed towards certain outfits, they have had time to grow on me! To me events are all about looking sophisticated, making the effort, looking your best … Unfortunately this isn’t the case for some.

Last night was all about the classic white & black looks. Few strayed from the dark. It’s inspired my outfit for the fashion show on Wednesday.

My ultimate glamour look award of the night to Taylor Swift. In many ways I can’t stand her catchy songs, slutty lyrics, super skinny body and how well she took KanYe blasting her while on stage.. But it’s a catch 22 because all the above is what I love about her too! Plus I can’t deny her evolving style. This look was flawless and the blush of contrasting colour in her heels is genius.


The look that has grown on me – the more I look at it the more appealing, girlie, feminine and beautiful it is. I’m so glad Rihanna kept her make-up simple for this look.



Here are my favorite looks of the night:





Not so hot looks of the night….










What was your favorite look of the night?

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