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Outfit Week – Day 1

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentines Day! It is always a special time of year as my husband & I have been together 4 years and he spoilt me rotten… As he does daily!

With my love for fashion growing he likes to ensure I have the best of the best – there is a saying I heard once that it doesn’t matter the brand of clothing your wearing or how much it costs, if it looks good and feels good then it’s good! I totally dig this but if you have Jimmy Choos as a greedy option they will win everytime! To add to my collection patent blue pumps with matching clutch bag. šŸ‘ 

In true Valentines Day Love feel we went to my friends for dinner… Paris theme! Therefore my Chanel earrings made an outing along with a Gucci black plain halter neck top, mango leather look pants, asos chanel look tweed jacket matched with my lovely additions



This week it’s all about the outfits! You will get a daily break-down on work & play this week!


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