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Yep y’all know what movie I’m talking about. Opened on Valentines weekend (very clever PR peeps in Hollywood) and I’m pretty sure all the ladies were desperate to see it … not going to lie I was one of these girls! So much so I brought my girlfriends along with me to experience it.


The margarita or two prior definitely helped! When it comes to films or even talk about sex some may describe me as being a prude. Something’s to be should be kept behind closed doors but I’m going to contradict myself I love sex and the city therefore this was right up my ally.

Disappointingly I tried desperately to get into the books but I couldn’t engage with the characters. Like most girl characters they always seen quite plain and boring… Bella in twilight i hated because she wasn’t funny, she didn’t have anything exceptional in her personality therefore instantly I just don’t get the connection…

Christian instantly is drawn to Anna but why? There was no flirting no cute comments… It’s like a relationship sprung from a glance…

I wanted him to be more of a dick, I wanted him to be like Mr Big or to put more of a barrier up but no it was a film about a guy who loves s&m wanted a partner and whipped her a couple of times…! Come on!!

So ladies don’t rush to see this film. I’m always curious so will be finding the 3rd book this weekend to find out the ending (I can’t wait another 2 years!)

I honestly believe if I sat down with my girlfriends we could think of a couple of hot stories that would blow 50 shades out the water!

So I do like to get my readers involved…. Tell me a situation where you instantly felt the connection and just wanted to grab the guy … Did it happen? How did you get this to happen?!

Please note il post mine once I have some Input!

Happy thinking!!!

4 responses to “50 Shades Of Sh….”

  1. harrietsbeautybox Avatar

    I couldnt agree more. Its like the first second he saw her he fell for her! Come on….!!!! She is pretty yes, but nothing that would make a man drop to his knees just by walking/falling into the room. If we are honest, would a girl like that have ever got a man like him…. Not really. The film to me was not believable and i know its kind of the point… But really???? Xx

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    1. francenejoy Avatar

      Totally agree!!

      Now with your saucy story to share!!

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  2. Kimberley McLeod Avatar
    Kimberley McLeod

    I remember the first moment I fell for my husband. He put his hands round my waist as he walked behind me and I thought “this is exciting”. I knew then that he was for me!

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    1. francenejoy Avatar

      That’s super cute!!!


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