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When you get married this is what You turns into. It’s not about just You anymore…

If there is one thing I have learnt over the last 10 years (I’ll pin point from 16 onwards..!) you cannot possibly bring positively, or love into your life if you aren’t happy and love who YOU are. When your younger you can be easily influenced, lead astray by your peers or ‘friends’ around you. It certainly isn’t easy when you start branching out, forming your own opinion and voicing this. Now after writing my mini article on what I thought of fifty shades of grey (please note none of this was positive..!!) and about how the lady characters in these films are always so, well flat! Yes they have perfect bodies, their hair always sits right (please note usually straight… coming from a girl with curly crazy hair which NEVER sits right! like the Scottish version of Carrie Bradshaw without the bank balance) My point isn’t about their appearance it’s mainly about their lack of chat, ie it’s terrible!! I wanna see or read about a quirky girl, who’s got outside passions other than just focusing on how to get the guy, jobs never seem to matter just anything to make the guy happy.. we are in the 21st century right?!

My parents brought me up to ensure I could rely on myself (it took a while for me to fully understand this was why they always had high expectations for my life including previous boyfriends who I can only look back now and realise they were using me and I was naive enough to think it was normal!) Since moving over to America I am surrounded by strong ladies who are career orientated, focused, they are independent, huge personalities, loyal, funny and it’s lovely! I was so used to (with the exception of a few… I don’t want to paint all my besties with the same brush) but the main aim is to get married, have babies and depend on the husband to support and bring in all the dosh, while all the girls sit around at events and big up their husbands who are big in OAG … don’t get me wrong I’m very proud of my husbands success and feel chuffed daily, but isn’t it lovely that he can do the same with me?!

Since being with my husband (today is significant because it’s our 1 year wedding anniversary.. yay we made it and my goodness I couldn’t be happier!) from day 1 he has supported my every dream, every day he makes me feel special, and hopefully I do the same with him. A relationship shouldn’t be about compromising your dreams, nor is it about one of you having all the glory. Marriage should be adding value to each other every day. Don’t get me wrong, life isn’t meant to be easy, I have days where I just want to curl up in my bed with my puppies and shut the world out, but never do I feel like I don’t want my husband around me, he’s my best friend. I never had this feeling before I met him and I do feel blessed.

My point to this post is take a look at yourself and where your life is heading. Make sure you are following a path that’s right for you, if you have interests go grab them! Don’t follow in the foot steps of these boring ladies who only get the man in the movies, set goals in life and achieve them all! Aim high girls!

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