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DIY Wall Art 

Simple things like this can add oomph to a space in seconds, and the best thing is, they are simple, quick, easy, and inexpensive to make, they would also make the perfect gift. I love nothing more than personal touches around my home! 

What you will need:~
A frame of your choice
Patterned paper of choice 
Pictures or cards 

1. First things firsts, match the frame of choice to your patterned paper or cards you wish to frame. 

2. I used valentines and anniversary card my husband got me which was personal. Behind this I used an advert from a magazine to create a nice background. The other pictures is a scrap book of patterned paper I have. 

3. Slot into frames and Vola you have yourself some wall art! 

This is just my examples you can you do the same ! 


  1. I love the wall art! It’s beautiful. I’m always looking for fun ways to spice up the place. I think I’ll have to try it 🙂

    I’ve been recently trying to get fashion bloggers to guest blog on my site. Check it out and if you’re interested contact me 🙂
    xox Lo

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