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We’re all heard of 5:2 for your diet, being good and restricting your calorie 5 days of the week then eating normally over two days, bear in mind you should be pairing this exercise for best results. I for one don’t entirely agree with diets, I think you should eat healthily most of the time but give yourself a treat! If not how restricted would your life be?! We need to have some fun and indulge! I have my guilty pleasures such as an amazing cocktail (packed full of calories!!) and Reeces buttercups ❤ however, I am a creature of habit with regards to my food and also exercise. I hate missing exercise nights, I feel extremely guilty and instantly go into lazy mode if I’m not working out, it’s my main motivation. Plus I do notice my body changing since moving over to Houston and enjoying the full fat foods a little too much…!!!



It’s not just about diet and exercise; we need to look after our bodies inside and out. Out is very important, most of us feel self-conscious or have visible hang-ups that bother us. If I have a pimple it makes me feel really dirty and upset, I just want to hide in my room until it deflates! My skin routine is crucial to me and I always try to ensure I do my morning and evening routine and wear minimal make-up. After doing research on this this week I’ve come across a great concept.

Welcome to 5:2 for your skin! That’s right, wear make-up five days a week and have two days off to leave your skin to breathe and repair. Since working on ships and not living in the atmosphere that wearing make-up was essential, it was a manual working environment and it was the last thing I even thought about, therefore officially I’m in the routine of not wearing make-up during the week (except maybe a tiny pinch of concealer when required!) and at the weekends if I’m going out I will make a huge effort. I find myself experimenting more and enjoying the process now because it’s rare. My skin has dramatically improved since I adapted this process and as the days passed I no longer felt uncomfortable or self-conscious but felt a lot more confident within my own skin.  

Here is how you can follow this amazing new process, 5:2 steps.

•              Cleanse thoroughly with a skin type-specific cleanser every night, followed by a toner to tighten pores and moisturizer to hydrate the skin. If you must use make-up wipes after a night out, make sure you take extra time to cleanse your skin the next morning.

•              Use your make-up free ‘fast days’ as opportunities to detox your skin – apply a clarifying mask and steam your face in hot water to open pores and draw out impurities.

•              Eradicate the need for concealer under the eyes by using a corrective eye serum, which visibly reduces the appearance of dark under eye circles, instantly making you look more awake.

•              Enhance your natural beauty on ‘fast days’ with a skin-illuminating moisturizer and a slick of coconut oil across the eyebrows and lips for a catwalk style natural glow.

•              If you have problem skin and don’t want to forego coverage on ‘fast days’ opt for a BB cream with dermatological benefits, which simultaneously disguises and reduces redness and irritation in the skin.

Try this out for a month, taking before and after pictures, you will see a huge improvement. You can thank me later 😉











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