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Last weekend I was kindly invited to a ladies Stella&Dot jewelry party! I knew instantly it was a bad idea for someone like me because a) love jewelry b) love new pieces to add to my collection c) love statement items! Therefore of course this was perfect! 

The lady (who by the way if you are interested carries out trunk parties so you too can host your own Stelladot party! Great excuse to invite all your girlfriends round with glasses of bubbly, nibbles and shopping within the comfort of your own home! Bliss!! 

Stella&Dot have great pieces to add to your wardrobe from gold accessories to colorful spring statement items. I’m a huge fab of gold jewelry so I was hook instantly on this gorgeous gold arrow bracelet 


It’s maybe on the pricy side when it comes to your ‘everyday jewelry’ but I do like to mix between more expensive items (Chanel earrings, Michael kors bracelet etc) to forever 21 necklaces or h&m. This bracelet with tax and postage was $51



Beautiful example of items from their website! Check it out and I bet you fall in love with every piece!! 


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