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Hello beautiful Saturday! 
It has been SO lovely having the morning to myself. Started off with a cuppa, then a mani pedi (very much needed! Went for Red… Bring on the dominance in my life for the length of the polish!) 
Then obviously to wait for nails to dry I wondered around city centre … Happened to end up in H&M where I caved and bought a denim shirt (size bigger to wear on its own and over dresses) and also a cute striped blue and white fitted jersey skirt. Great for over your bikini, paired with sneakers for a laid back vibe or with heels and a denim shirt (oh outfit easily put together!) bill total $38 (thanks lifetime LTbucks for my second free pampering session) 
So I’m pimped out in Nike finally in the gym after a day off yesterday and I just don’t think I can do… Motivation… Seeing body in changing room in H&M (thanks for the lighting!) and I feel determined to get my body where I want it to be! 
…. But all I’m thinking about is what I will be having for lunch! Hard life 
Enjoy your Saturday lovelies!!! 



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