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Im 27 going on 28 this year. I have a very strict skincare routine and I like to think I look after my body (however after a day housebound due to severe weather I’ve just polished off a box of cookies… We all have our weak moments right?!?)

On that note I’m always open to trying new things that will prevent aging and/or improve my skin appearance. When it comes to plastic surgery I have spoken at length about getting my nose done (I’ve always been self conscious of it) and I hate my stomach BUT even having the money and convenience in America to change this I still wouldn’t.

That being said I’m very interested in chemical peels, fillers (if required) and Botox….

Last month my friend invited me to an event opening in Houston for skincare procedures. So I went along with a very open mind!

Botox has long been the leading injectable wrinkle eraser, but now it has some competition. Dysport, one of two Botox alternatives (the other one is the less commonly used Myobloc), is a slightly different variety of botulinum toxin. While Botox is onabotulinumtoxinA, Dysport is abobotulinumtoxinA.

The difference means that Dysport “spreads” more when injected, so it’s more effective over larger areas like foreheads. As such, it’s usually cheaper than Botox per treatment because it requires less product. On the other hand, Dysport’s wider reach in muscle.

I’ve never been bothered by my smile wrinkles but I feel they have been a lot more visible these last couple of years. Knowing my age and skin condition I asked the consultant what she would recommend. My friend received 130 units split into each eye. I got 8 units split into each eye… Just to put it in perspective.


The injections were barely noticeable. Considering the results it’s very inexpensive. Would I get this again? Most definitely! But you need to spread it out every 12-18 months and not a high dose. Just little maintenance.

Yes grow old gracefully but maintain yourself 😉


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