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I’m preparing for another wedding today … Currently I’m sitting in my favorite alteration shop off Gessner because my zip on the dress I wanted to wear today (thank you again Sarah for my birthday present been waiting for an occasion to wear it!) had decided to break… Emergency please help my zipper on the dress because I’m determined to wear it kinda morning! 
I always find weddings harder to dress for especially here in the states as its a lot more casual compared to back home in Scotland. Luckily all my girlfriends are like me and love to dress up so I always need to up my ante at weddings!! 
I’ve put together a collage of ‘wedding outfits’ that have saved me in the past. You will see my favorite two bird dress (yes my bridesmaid dress!) showing off how it looks long and short as well as skirt and top combo (thanks ASOS!) Vesper (great UK brand where I get most of my work dresses) Chloe (just to add some designer feel..!) as well as other key favorites!
My fascinator from Coast which you can see in two of the pictures and actually will be used today is one of my best purchases! It’s timeless, I’ve had it for 3 years and it’s attended three weddings, today will be its 4th. Black suits most dresses and styles plus it saves me doing too much with my hair! 
I LOVE weddings and I love love!! So much fun dressing up… Let’s just all pray my dress gets fixed in time… 😁



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