a Scottish girl living the American dream. Fashion, beautiful and everything fabulous to me!

Feel as though I spend my life either sweating in the dog park or equally as sweaty in the gym! And why put in the effort…?! Because I want a beach bod.. Or at least to be able to confidently trot round the pool/beach this summer without feeling like 😩😖! 
Not only do I want my body to look semi good.. Or at least not gross! But I want to feel good inside! 
I’ve picked out my favorite one pieces for this summer. Thank you H-town for stopping the rain and giving us this redonkulous (yes I made up a new word) heat 🌞
No complaints from me! Now check out the below from http://www.asos.com
Always on Vacay – Private Party $106

Relax – Private Party $106

Blue leopard print – Moschino on sale for $146

L.A – MissGuided $41

Suns Out Buns Out – MissGuided $29.07



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