Main Tips

Wake up with beautiful hair 

Want to wake up with perfect hair? 
Choos And Fashion Doos have a tip to help you wake up ***flawless.*** Remember Mia Thermopolis’ hair pre-makeover in The Princess Diaries? Please note doing this will help you avoid ever looking like that. Ready to read on?!…
Here’s what you should do: try sleeping with your hair in a braid. When you wake up, you will have bouncy curls with minimal effort–it seriously takes just 1 minute to throw your hair in a braid. Don’t make the braid too tight to avoid putting any strain on your hair, and braid all the way to the bottom so you don’t have a non-curly section at the end. Also, make sure to use a no-crease hair tie or scrunchy so you don’t break your ends.
Try out this hair hack for gorgeous and easy waves! Coming from a girl who has crazy curly hair which turns frizzy in Houston summer.. This saves me!


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