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Happy Friday Everyone! I for one, have to admit I’m so glad Friday is here! It’s been very hectic week but my goodness I’ve behaved myself when it comes to gym/food … I also treated myself to a gel polish manicure 💅 and my first spray tan in houston (… will touch on later… getting darker by the second!) 
However, while I was eating my salata lunch at work I was snooping through Victoria Beckham’s new range for target … coming out 9th of April .. I believe just online. 
These are the 6 outfits I want and will be waiting to buy! Ranging from $30-70 
Seriously ladies put this date in diary!!! Perfect elegant work wear, designer looks for High street prices 


2 responses to “Victoria Beckham awaited line for Target… ”

  1. Bay Area Beauty Blogger Avatar

    I’m adding the date to my calendar as soon as I’m done writing this comment! lol I love checking out new lines at Target!

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    1. francenejoy Avatar

      Love this!!!! I cannot wait

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