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Fish net tights under pants … yes or no?! 
Honestly the thought of wearing tights under a dress or skirt makes me shudder – I spend the whole time discretely trying to pull them up, walking like John Wayne because the crotch part is hanging so low. Or just before leaving the apartment (always when you are in a rush and everything is going wrong…) you rip them and NO you don’t have time to run and find your clear nail polish to stop it from ripping further (and NO I’m not one of those girls that has a first aid kit for life in my bag… in fact I would go as far as stating my bag consists of my phone ((usually in my hand)) hand cream, purse, lip stick and my keys!) and I always buy the wrong color or material of tights… when do I figure this out?! Exactly the morning where you are rushing about! WORST OF ALL tights always seem to sit at the most awkward place on my hips which exaggerates my muffin top (that’s my excuse ok!) and makes me feel pregnant cause I’m stick out my tummy to try and stop the tights from sliding to that unattractive spot which cuts my fat! 
So I have a negative opinion when it comes to tights! THEREFORE you can imagine my horror flicking through my fav magazine seeing one of the trends this season (and apparently a hit with celebrities) fish net tights under your jeans…! Honestly WTF! I struggle to just get my jeans on! 
Has anyone tried this look? I can assure you unless you are a model with lots of room to play with in your jeans/pants you didn’t look anything like these pictures! 
I cannot wait for this trend to disappear!!! I demand votes – yes or no?!? All opinions welcomed 🙈


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