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http://skindayspaukiah.com/ – spa Recommendation 

I wrote about Dyasport in the past which I got done in my eye area last year. Eventually, typically after 3 months the effects wear off – which is what is so great about it. It’s not permanent and certainly, used the right way it makes a significance difference to your appearance opposed to ruining it.


I was recommended by my friend to try out Skin Day Spa in the heights and meet with the owner Donna. Naturally and out of curiosity I booked an appointment and she fitted me in. I was actually early (I know in Houston usually traffic makes you late!) she fitted me straight in! 


The whole process took around 10 minutes, and most of that was Donna speaking to me about the procedure and my skin. I got 2 units on each eye – she said any more than that it will be too much and alter the shape of my eyes (definitely don’t want that!!). The needle was painless, and unlike last time I didn’t walk away with bruising.


If you work out a lot (I like to think I’m in that category) then Botox works out your system quicker. Usually at my age I would go every 4ish months but its recommended every 3 months.


So why did I choose to get botox? 
Well you all know how much I love skin care… more skin care than make-up because I was to feel confident in my natural skin… that might seem hypriritcal point but I would rather make these painless, small ‘procedures’ as early as possible to prolong my skin condition. My husband hates all this, but yet notices a difference and a difference in how I feel.


If anyone is interested in Botox, or any of these treatments I recommend Donna’s Skin Day Spa. Plus, she’s decorated it beautifully, it’s very me!!


See pictures for the results of this inexpensive, quick treatment which made me feel instantly confident! Please note it will typically take 3-4 days for you to see effects. 

Other treatments they offer, to consider: 
Body Scrubs and Wraps

Hot Oil Treatment

Facials, including Microdermabrasion Facial

Purifying Back Treatment

Bioactive Peel

Waxing and of course Botox 




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