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So it’s the night before OTC, 9:30pm and I’m in bed (don’t think that this is abnormal on a Sunday night, or any night I usually crash early but it sounds more dramatic for my story right!!). I’m so excited about my first OTC experience. Now for anyone reading this and thinking “what is OTC” I will give you a little background; it stands for Offshore Technology Conference and it is held in Houston first week of May every year. Now it’s a pretty big deal for operators, service companies and vendors to display their new technology, network and show off their products. In Oil and Gas World it’s a pretty big event, in fact the biggest event of the year.

I will be spending most of the week at our booth (Expro’s Booth – come see us if you are attending!!) and as I am preparing for my first one from a business development stand point I thought it might be of interest for anyone else attending events in the future 🙂

Point 1 – Look Presentable

This evening I put on a face mask, I did my hair (it’s now in a plait to tame it down for tomorrow saving time opposed to rushing about in the morning – always thinking ahead!!) under eye mask, nose strip – so from a skin perspective hopefully I should wake up looking radiant! All the girls on our booth are wearing the same outfit (and yes I’m wearing flats as will be on my feet all day!) so I have my dress, blazer, bag, business cards and flats laid out.


Now being presentable is very importable, first impressions are everything. Working in sales it’s all about how you engage with the customer and what they think of you from a personal level as well as the products and services you can offer. My nails are done, my make-up is laid out I will be keeping it minimal.

Point 2 – Welcoming Body Language

When you are working on a booth you need to look approachable, welcoming and friendly. None of this standing around on your phone, or hands in your pockets. You need to look interested and engaging. Standing up straight and smiling makes a huge difference.

Don’t be afraid to put your hand out and make the initial move or start that conversation.

Point 3 – Do Your research

It’s vital you do your research – now I’m using OTC as an example but I need to be aware of what my company can offer, who from my company will be presenting at the booth from each product line, what products will be on display, our competition, our clients, who we are targeting, what’s happening in the market, recent oil and gas news etc. You don’t want to be caught out at one of these events and it’s good to have up to date information to put out your sleeve during a conversation.

Point 4 – Plan Your Time

Ensure you plan your time at these events. Now for example, tomorrow I will be working on our booth from 9am – 1pm after that I will be sticking around to learn more about our products from our team, walk round to see our competition, meet with my clients, go to presentations which I’m interested in. But you need to ensure you are making the most of the time at these events. People travel from all around the world and this might be the only, or one of the best opportunities for some face time.

Point 5 – Have Fun!!

Work should be enjoyable and fun, I know I’m very excited about this event and I will ensure I enjoy every second of it 🙂


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