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Yes the heading deserves to be in capitals and bold! So to give a background my girlfriends and had a mini staycation in houston and we stayed at the Hotel Granduca 

Now typically I don’t like using hotel shampoo/conditioner etc cause usually it’s not very good, it drys out my hair and I will normally take my own – well due to being away one night I didn’t! So I tried the hotels toiletries which I’m sure you guessed was the above brand! 

For anyone who doesn’t know this brand let me fill you in…

Acqua di Parma is an Italian lifestyle and fashion company that produces fragrances, candles, bathrobes and leather accessories. All of its ranges are exclusively made in Italy, and distributed in 43 countries.

Naturally I took them all home – and I’ve been using the body lotion and will be making an order to ensure I get the luxury of using this lotion F O R E V E R (yup it’s that good!!) 

It’s like Tom Ford, masculine, lingering and just damn sexy! So they have a perfume which I also want to get, but I have to admit the body lotion does linger on your skin.

Has anyone else used this brand before?? 



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