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After experiencing the B e s t manicure at the Houstonian two weeks ago I decided I needed to invest in a manicure kit at home to keep up my nail maintenance. 

You might be thinking what am I currently doing now to look after my nails?! Well I literally take off the nail polish, roughly shape then put back on polish…. I can’t help but feel this isn’t enough!
Soooo… what is in my manicure kit?! 

💅 Manicure tools – such as cuticle cutters, tweezers, file & nail cutter 
💅 Exfoliator for hands and arms – I actually use a coconut based exfoliator to brighten skin (I also use on my face!) 
💅 Nail polish remover – need to start with a blank canvas right 
💅 Cuticle cream – I love all burts bees products 
💅 Hand cream – very important! I have hand cream at my desk at work, in my hand bag and in our house! 

Now I’m equipped to have gorgeous nails all the time! I have no excuses now PLUS as I told my hubby I’m saving us money ! 

Now, my question to you readers is what is the BEST base coat?! I need help!! 


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