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Seriously… imagine making that much money in a lifetime…but knowing Kim Kardashians new contour and highlight kit sold out and made $14 million within 3 short hours is madness! 
KKW recently was launched, and like anything the Kardashian family touch it instantly turned to gold.

Kylie Jenner has been extremely successful with her sell out lip kits moving into other make-up products and joint ventures with her sisters, Kendal tried to follow in her sisters foot steps when she paired up with Estée Lauder for an exclusive collection. Now Kim wants a piece of the make-up pie. 

Kim Kardashian put contouring on the map. After a couple of make-up videos with her artist we all got a glimpse of how much goes into her complicated make-up routine. 

Contouring kits have been flying off the shelves gaining Instagram success with brands like Iconic London (my favorite). 

For $48 you can buy KKW creme contour and highlight kit from http://www.kkwbeauty.com – they sold out within hours! 

I’m looking forward to hearing how good this contour palette is and what other make-up products Kim will launch … wonder who will be next Kourtney’s eye shadow … or Khloe’s lip liner… guess we will be sitting at the edges of our seats awaiting the next launch! 


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