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My skin definitely needed a little mid week pick me up! So I had the P E R F E C T facemask for the job! 

I used Grace + Stella Co’s honey face mask – which firstly smells crazy good (seems to be a running theme as their Body Lotion Vanilla Lavender was the same which I used this morning too!!) 

You get 6 face masks in a box – the packaging is super cute and bright yellow (🌞my fav!) 

Now typically when I use sheet masks – which as you know I’ve tested hundreds – I feel they never have enough product which means they don’t stick fully to your face – I’ve added a picture cause I wanted to show how much product you get in the packs! 

Put the sheet mask on like normal leave for 20ish minutes and then rub in the residues from the mask PLUS what’s in the pack – this will give you the best impact as you want your skin to absorb it all! Then leave it overnight and I promise you will wake up with great, clear, radiant happy skin!! 

‘There’s no queen without a little honey’ love this 🐝 I fully recommend this facemask and think you will L O V E it!! 


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