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Was it just me or is the first time you bath your newborn the scariest experience?! She was so little, she also cried (pretty sure I didn’t realize the rule of thumb ensure baby isn’t hungry before putting in bath!) and we lasted like 2 minutes before we took her out and felt like terrible Parents!!

11 weeks on I think we have bath time down! I THINK! Firstly we feed… make her nice and full! We use the Aquascale 3 in 1 bath which is awesome! We get readings for weight and water temperature plus it’s comfortable for cub to lay in! It made bathing so much easier! We were told to keep water temp between 90-100

I like to play nursery rhymes while she’s in the bath and we sing along to it!

I L O V E Aveeno skincare brand for babies. It’s been great for her skin. I was recommend the calming lotion with lavender in it which we use after the bath.

Straight after her bath we have cute towels on standby with hoods – the bear one is too adorable! Next to her changing table I have a mini portable fan heater I put on to keep her cozy after.

For diaper cream I can’t recommend Aquaphor enough.

Bath Time is one of my favorite times of day! I use this for her to know it’s nearly time for bed!

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