a Scottish girl living the American dream. Fashion, beautiful and everything fabulous to me!

I’ve pampered from the flight now I’m excited to try out the beauty products I took with me on this flight!

So what’s in my beauty kit?!

CoBigelow body lotion in lavender and peppermint formula – smells delicious and leaves my skin so soft !

Cuvée premiere treatment – I mean champagne for your hair – what could be better?! I use this before bed and after shower – it’s a wonder treatment!

Vanille eau de toilette – from Anthropologie – can’t go on a trip without smelling great! I love how simple this fragrance is

Milk cooking water soothing stock which is infused with natural water and caffeine – helps the bags under my eyes!!

Real Chemistry fresh start foaming cleanser which also has deep cleansing amino acids. My skin looks clean and fresh after use.

Marcelle City 24 hour anti pollution day and night moisturizing emulsion

⁃ I love testing out new moisturizers. I wasn’t overly impressed with this one but it was ok for traveling not long term


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