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Honestly I hate it when I have bad skin, it completely gets me down in the dumps – just me?! As you all know I’m religious with my skincare routine which includes weekly face masks. I’m always trying out new ones I find in Sephora and Ultra Beauty.

So, my skin has been feeling dull this week, and stupidly on Friday I picked a pimple which you couldn’t notice and since then I’ve been left with a red healing mark which doesn’t seem to be improving – god damn it! When will I ever learn?!

My skin needed a pick me up – so what better then to try out this new mask!

What they say:

Formulated with natural charcoal powder and soothing botanical extracts, the Miss Spa Charcoal Rubberizing Mask begins as a gel and a powder. When mixed together, they create a spreadable modeling mask that molds to your skin’s contours to deeply cleanse pores by absorbing excess dirt and oil. Once set, it forms a unique rubberized texture that simply peels off to reveal a smoother, clearer complexion. Perfect for stressed, aggravated skin. Use weekly as part of your skin care regimen for maximum results. (package design may vary)


It’s pretty simple to mix the products together then use the spatula to spoon on to face. Only downside is there is SOOO much residue left it felt like a waste and you can’t reuse it.

Once added onto skin leave for 20-25 minutes until it’s hardened.

Then simply peel off!


Once I peeled off the mask it left my skin looking hydrated, brighter and soft. There is an improvement in the ‘picked pimple’ area which looks less red. I love the feel of my skin after this mask.


It’s $7… which is pretty pricey for a once use mask – I honestly think they could half the contents and still have plenty it just seems like a waste


It was cool to try a different mask and loved the rubber peel! But, with the steep price I think I would limit it to once every couple of months but a great mask!


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