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Can you believe winter is here?! I mean you wouldn’t know if you live in Texas, as I went for a walk with the cub and had to strip off I was so warm! With the change in season comes all the fun stuff like SAD (Seasonal affective disorder… basically why everyone in UK are depressed due to lack of sun!), dry skin, cold sores, the flu and colds… geez what is positive about this season?! Erm CHRISTMAS!!

It makes sense to just take extra care of yourself during this time of year to remain at your best! Here are some tips to keep you healthy and happy throughout the festive season…

  1. Drink Lots of water
  2. Face mask at LEAST once a week! Sheet masks are amazing or Olay Clay Sticks
  3. Hot green tea is amazing
  4. Give yourself time in the morning to get ready rather than rushing through your routine – hard if you have a baby but it’s worth getting up that 10-15 minutes early for you to not be stressing
  5. Bundle up – don’t leave yourself cold! you can be comfortable and still look fashionable
  6. Get enough sleep. Your immune system could suffer without it.
  7. Keep a travel-size bottle of your favorite lotion in your bag. LOVE Jo Malone miniatures
  8. Try deleting social media apps from your phone for a week…. okay this seems a little extreme but I stop looking at my phone when I get home from work to have family time then I look at it before I go to bed while in bed!
  9. Make homemade sugar scrubs for your feet, hands, and lips.
  10. Spend quality time with friends… this is exactly how I distress and relax!
  11. Try different hot chocolate recipes until you’ve found your favorite one. I recently made a peppermint one with marshmallows!
  12. Tell the people you love that you love them.
  13. Say thank you to the people you’re grateful for.
  14. Consider forgiving the people who have hurt you in the past.
  15. Forgive yourself.
  16. Take a bath and get your Netflix and enjoy!

How do you look after yourself during this time of year?!

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