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Last month I got my brows microbladed again, this is my second time after waiting 17 weeks in between the last time!

Firstly, I go to ‘brows by brittney’ who is based in pearland and is incredible! I was recommended her and was not disappointed! Since then 4 of my friends have gone to see her!

So this is my before… everyone loves a before picture right?!

As you can see my brows were thin, uneven (very uneven) and not shaped correctly.

So what is microblading?!

Microblading is a form of tattooing. Unlike a regular tattoo, microblading is a form of tattoo artistry where pigment is implanted under your skin with a manual handheld tool instead of a machine. They draw hair-like strokes with the tool to mimic natural hairs in your brows.

The initial appointment which lasts anything from 45 minutes to an hour and a half, this is shaping, defining and shading.

Then you wait 4 – 6 weeks for touch up which finishes the look.

This is my after picture – one day after my touch up. So in 7 days they will be ‘normal’ and not as ‘angry looking’!! As my friend describes!!!

After care is ridiculously important to ensure they last. I use Aquahor just as you would look after a tattoo, don’t allow it to dry and flake. I try to avoid sweating, the sun and getting them wet for the first 7 days then they are ok!

I’m ridiculously happy with my results! Before I would attempt to shade then in and shape myself, looking back I should have just paid someone to shape them! But it would add 5 minutes on to my daily routine. Now I have them microbladed they are maintenance free and look perfect!! They last for 9-12 months then you go in for maintenance touch up… if you don’t you may need to get them redone.

If you are sitting on the fence just do it! Life is too short and you don’t regret it!


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