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Can you believe it’s nearly Christmas!?! Honestly where has the time gone?? We have decorated our house, I hosted my first Christmas party at home as my mama has been here this week and it was so much fun! I LOVED hosting and it’s the first year we have decorated since we have been together (8 bloody years!! it was about time!) and it’s been such a great fun run up!

Our baby cub received a letter all the way from Santa in the North Pole (Thank you to Texas Love Letters… seriously look her up!) having a baby at Christmas makes it so much more special.

Now, I’ve been picking up little things for my hubby and daughters stocking (we grew up with pillow cases as stockings… this is the first time in our life we have personalized proper stockings!) but I wanted to give a little wife/girlfriend/friend stocking gift list which I’m loving !!!

I asked my mama what she would like and she said vouchers for lying in haha! I love this idea, and certainly as a working mama who’s hubs like to hunt and fish I might use this!

What would you like in your stocking?!


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