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It may seem like make-up basics when it comes to applying concealer round the eye area but it’s a lot more complex than you think!

Because the skin around your eyes is much more delicate than the rest of your face, you’ll want to find two different concealer formulas: one for under-eye circles and another for acne blemishes, scars, and rosacea.

Trust me! I’m a concealer QUEEN! I don’t wear foundation at all, if I’m looking for more coverage I use bb cream. For the under-eye area, choose an oil-based liquid or cream formula.

For other blemishes, choose an opaque formula you can apply with a more pointed brush.

Prevent concealer from settling into fine lines and wrinkles by prepping the eye with eye cream (Botox always helps!!) Pat the cream under the eye and onto the lid. My day eye cream I love is Olay. Allow to sink in for at least one minute before applying makeup, this is when I go downstairs get Cubs bottle and make my coffee in a flask for the drive to work!

Now, dot concealer under the eye and GENTLY rub in using your ring finger.

I’m really loving colorpop concealer, it’s dirt cheap and I really love it!

I have tried and loved It cosmetics under eye concealer, it’s so highly pigmented that you only need a tiny amount. I will definitely get this again.

Now, while on subject of eyes I wanted to give a shout out to this gorgeous product in picture above; YSL Touche Eclat.

It’s sole purpose in life is to highlight, and brighten, and emphasize the natural heights of the face.

Now, top tip do not fill in the entire under eye area. This is such a common mistake. Apply a little Touche Eclat in the corner of the eye and gently blend out, beneath the eye, on the areas of darkness only. This is usually a V shape.  If you have eye-bags you should lighten the underside of the eye-bag only (the shadowy part) if you cover the entire area your eyes will look puffier and eye bags will look more pronounced.

What is your favorite under eye concealer?


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