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I have been enjoying and loving getting dip powder on my nails for nearly two years! So much so I’ve convinced a number of my friends to do the same thing! However, without sounding like that ‘mama’ I honestly have no idea how people manage to cram in weekly/bi-weekly or even monthly (as it seems IMPOSSIBLE) nail appointments… I even had to stop getting waxed monthly I’m not using veet at home… what has my life become?! I find it very very difficult to balance work, my cub, my husband, social life and then everything else gets crammed in if I have time… so all the ‘beauty maintenance’ has been pushed by the way side unless I do it myself from home! Sadly, I’m shocking at doing my own nails, but I guess practice makes perfect.


So in light of my nails lasting a shocking 5 weeks, with lots of in growth AND two had chipped without space for a 1.5 hour appointment I soaked them off and bought some new polish and decided to take this pampering treat in house for a while until I can sort my life out! 


There is nothing I cannot stand more than people with badly kept nails, or chipped polish. I got Sally Hensen’s gel polish, honestly I have done two coats but I really feel like I should have done three as it’s not thick enough coverage for my liking (how do nail stylist manage to do nails so bloody well?!) but my nails are also in shocking condition so will use this first time as practice!


When it comes to work I typically will stick to a nude or very light pink color, it makes it easier when putting together outfits for the week ahead, as you want them to look well-manicured but also not OTT or clashing. Finding the perfect nude sometimes feels like an impossible task… until this weekend… I honestly think I’ve got it (if I add on another coat!)


So it’s Sally Hensen’s Gel Polish in ‘Sheer Happiness’ and ‘In the Sheer’. Have Sheer Happiness as the base coat then build up with In the Sheer. I think I will redo them tonight to get better results, but I’m pretty delighted – I just need to master my nail application to do it better than paying for it!


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