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It shouldn’t take a designated day a year for us all to appreciate being a mama, or our moms, but today felt so good! This is my second Mother’s Day with our baby cub… not going to lie last year our cub was not even a month old, I did not feel myself, it was within the first 6 weeks so it’s all a blur, but this year I had our baby cub A L L to myself today! We had a lazy morning chilling out…

Then we went for delicious waffles at our new favorite spot, Vintage Park. We went to Coco Crepes… they even gave me a voucher for free crepes next time!

Then, not ending the day there we went to see how our new D R E A M home was progressing! Cub and I picked our rooms (my definition of my room being new closet room!!) we have decided to take over up stairs!

Such a beautiful day spent with my beautiful baby girl, outside of her pulling my hair and slapping my face… hopefully she’s going through a phase!

I’m the luckiest mama to have such an amazing, intelligent, smiley, bubbly, huge personality little girl! My heart is so full each time I hold her in my arms, I couldn’t have wished for more.

She makes me work harder, she makes me be a better person. I want her to always be proud of me.

It makes it easier having such amazing role models around me and here to help give advice and answer all my questions (I always have so many questions!)

I hope everyone else had the B E S T day and didn’t have to lift a finger!!


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