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This mask by Mudmasky retails for $80 and has a 4 ⭐️ rating with over 179,000 reviews… well now 179,001!!

Thanks to Ipsy i got this product for $20!!

Based on its use of natural ingredients, all used for years in various countries and each tackling a different function, the mask simply works at making your skin look and feel healthier, softer, and more hydrated in under 15 minutes.

It tingles a little once you apply it, but it’s not itchy or irritating, and dries fairly quickly. After the appropriate amount of time, you wash it off with cold water. Not going to lie I left it on for 30 minutes!

There was no doubt my skin felt softer and looked revitalized after just one use.

Ok ok… let me break it down so you can see what’s in it and how it will benefit your skin!

🦄 Montmorillonite clay: Draws out impurities and detoxifies skin; refines pores

🦄 Moroccan lava clay, combined with salt from the Dead Sea: Hydrates and reduces inflammation

🦄 Indonesian bamboo (Bambusa arundinacea stem extract): Improves skin elasticity

🦄 Japanese Matcha tea (Camellia sinensis leaf): Improves skin elasticity and protects against sun damage

🦄 Calamondin fruit: Exfoliates and brightens skin

🦄 Allantoin: Soothes and smooths skin


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